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Brand Strategy Development, Positioning, Engineering, Architecture, Re-Vitalization & Brand Warfare. A detailed process including the strategic development and usage of brand identity and warfare and how the brand strategy can be executed at strategic and operational business unit levels.

Brand Identity & Design: Creation of a brand's personality, style/look, visuals, feel, texture, collateral, signage and branded environment--BOTH Offline & Digital/Online.  SXTC has world-caliber, strategically-led creative design capability providing this service with clients including Burger King, Budweiser, Purina, Planet Hollywood & Apple to name a few.

Brand Audits, Brand Architecture Analysis, Competitor Analysis and Competitive Field Play. Summarizing the detailed and comprehensive strengths and weaknesses of the client brand(s) and competitors, together with key drivers, brand valuation, brand equity and  its sources, and opportunities that can be leveraged. Offline and Online.

Marketing Planning, 360 Campaign Generation, Global Media Strategy, Planning, and Buying, Product launches—BOTH Offline & Digital/Online.  Strategic marketing planning—based on IMC platform realities for local, national, and global requirements. Complete Marketing Management advisement with action plans showing exactly how managers are going to achieve their marketing and sales targets.


Brand Creation

New Brand Creation and Re-Branding: Creating new or enhanced brand identities, products and brand machines for specific markets (locally, nationally, and globally).  The generation of new brands,  products, and marketing platforms to delight both customers and shareholders alike. Offline and Online.

SXTC provides clients with either project-based or on-going/interim brand management advisement, lasting from a week to 3 years. We offer a service that actually works inside the brand, if needed, to teach, develop and implement strategy, analyze and generate initiatives, and actually help manage the brand seamlessly onsite—globally (with P&L responsibility).

Brand Re-Positioning, Re-Engineering, and Re-Vitalization: In fast changing times, companies often find that they need to evolve and even re-position themselves – to change their images, value propositions, and key sources of selection, and develop more favourable perceptions within their chosen target audiences.

SXTC creates, manages, evolves and markets winning brands Online.  Both Branding & Online Marketing.  We have over a decade in website and blog building, UX, IA, SEM(SEO, PPC), mobile, Social Media, CRM/email marketing, Ecommerce & Content Management, and building brand communities--all based on our best-practice approach.  All with record-breaking client results and growth rates of up to 500%.

SXTC is often asked by new brand owners, or those made in charge after a merger, to lead the effort to take their new asset on to bigger and better things. Whether a hedge fund, private investor, venture capitalists, angel investor, or a corporate purchaser, SXTC ensures your investment (both brand and marketing-wise) is protected and its value-add, brand equity, and brand value maximized.  

Crisis Management and Brand Warfare: Being the key sources of business success and competitive tools, brands are often under continuous attack from competitors (both directly and indirectly) and thus must have both defensive and offensive resources at the ready.  SXTC creates, launches, and manages such resources.

Brand Strategy Research On and Offline: Our alliance partner is the world’s number 2 global market research firm capable of providing state-of-the-art brand insight anywhere on the planet. Unlike other research agencies, it focuses solely on providing information relevant to the development or revitalization of client brands.

"With up to 90% of a company's market capitalization attributed to Brand and Marketing power, it makes sense to invest in a powerful brand and powerful brand experts."

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Giving companies big and small industry-leading brand building and marketing firepower.

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Over 5000 worldwide projects across hundreds of brands taking clients to their Next Level with our industry-leading brand strategy, creativity, brand evolution, and brand marketing services.  For small and big business.

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