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Global, Yet Local

Over 2 decades of Impacting Brands and Brand Management...

From St. Louis to Silicon Valley to Dubai to Singapore to London to Malaysia.

We were there from the start. Building Asia's power brands and taking brands from the MidWest USA to London to the EU to their next level locally and worldwide. We also wrote the industry-leading books, articles, and White Papers that have moved cross-border brand consulting, marketing and brand management forward.


For brands the goal of being truly global has never changed. But, how a brand becomes globally powerful has. No longer can a brand simply just "go out there" and work hard (go through the paces)—open more locations, sign more franchise deals, and place more ads. Nor can a brand be simply one face that crosses every boundary—nor can it be inconsistent. Media spill-over, led by satellite television, radio, free movement of goods and people, and of course the internet, has made brands and their messages more fluid than at any time in history. Social media has proven to be unpredictable at best, and brand-damaging at worst. Add to this ever-increasing threats from small, local competitors and copy-cats that lurk in every market (often unknown), and the challenges for brands, brand strategy, brand management, marketing, and brand consulting are immense—and are only increasing.  


With the impact that a powerful brand has on your company's success, it stands to reason that you must have the best expertise available—with experience and a track record that encompass both On and Offline, and span hundreds of clients of every size and industry from consumer goods to technology to B2B to Nation Brands.  

Brands live in an ever-changing world... so must brand strategy, brand consulting and brand management.

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SXTC's  S. Jaworski quoted with Jack Welch by the Government of South Korea on the value of brand to their nation and its future  

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SXTC. Opening new brand possibilities, markets, and Blue Oceans locally and globally...


The SXTC Foundation: helping the world around us... one brand at a time.

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