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Dr. Paul Temporal, Global Strategy & Branding Director  


Has been published globally with a significant number(12) of brand strategy and marketing best-sellers to his credit. His books are praised by the best-known names in the Marketing world from Phil Kotler, Al Ries, and David Aacker, to the heads of the world’s top corporations, advertising agencies, and even nations. Organizations for which he has consulted, local, national and international, are numerous and include Marks and Spencer, British American Tobacco, the Thatcher Administration, the British Civil Service, the World Bank, European Community (the EU), several European, African and Asian governments, China Power and Light, Maybank, Coca-Cola, Malaysia Airlines, Standard Chartered Bank, Intel, Motorola, JTC, Panasonic, Touch 'N Go, Fraser & Neave, Times Publishing, NTUC, Raffles International, Cerebos, etc. He is also the key strategic advisor for the government of Singapore regarding the nation’s worldwide marketing and branding strategy. In 2004, Dr. Temporal and our firm were asked by the Chinese Government to advise on the global brand and marketing strategy for members of China’s top 100 brands. Dr. Temporal is a Senior Fellow at Oxford Univesity, holding Oxford Doctorate and Masters Degrees.

"From Harvard to Oxford, Kellogg to Stanford, Wall Street to Madison Avenue to Bond Street, SXTC is listened to by brand and nation leaders, academics, and the marketing world... for good reason."

We at SXTC Global believe that every great brand is based on having gifted, inspired, motivated, and highly experienced people. All of our employees are experienced brand directors and brand managers, combining with this MBA degrees from top universities. SXTC prides itself on generating industry--leading ideation and combining it with world-calibre “front line” experience--taking brands of all sizes to their "next level."


From Harvard to Oxford, Kellogg to Stanford, Wall Street to Madison Avenue to Bond Street, SXTC is listened to by leaders of nations, brand leaders, academics, and the marketing world ... for good reason.

Client Work Careers

Robert Sharm, Global President & CEO


Robert has been leading marketing and brand management for over 30 years in many capacities including as a Brand Director,  Senior Vice President, and CMO of Worldwide Marketing and Brand Management for some of the world's biggest brands.


Robert is a front-line brand manager and marketer whose previous companies include Coca-Cola, Hilton, 7-UP, P&G, Budweiser, General Motors and Apple.  Robert has an LLB (Harvard) and an MBA (Stanford).

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Robert Shay, Global Creative & Innovation Director


With a career spanning over 40 years, Robert has worked with many of the world's best-loved brands both agency side and in-house.  A renowned illustrator, he is well-known across the US as a celebrated artist and designer, professor, and former Artist Guild President. His creation of the famed Budman for Budweiser in the 1980's as well as leading creative, identity, branding and visual campaign work for Energizer Batteries, Purina, Craftsman, Liptons, The Hard Rock Cafe, Kelloggs, Sea World, Apple, Busch Beer, Kraft, Anheuser-Busch, SEARS, and many other brands worldwide give him an unprecedented view regarding successful brand building and creative.


Amanda J. Nash, MBA (Harvard), CA.

Global Director of Digital & eCommerce


Amanda brings a wealth of business and technology skills at both the enterprise/Fortune 500 and start-up levels. With over 30 years experience working in and leading technology, eCommerce and Digital functions as a Senior VP for companies including IBM, P&G, Oracle, SUN, Buick, Sony, and Microsoft, Amanda has a track record of disrupting accepted technology boundaries.  She is a protege of Steven Jobs.


Timothy Wilson,  MBA (Stanford). Global Transformation & Growth Director


Tim brings over 2 decades of Fortune 500 experience across all aspects of corporate growth and transformation.  Having worked in Europe, North America, and Asia, Timothy understands the true nature and complexity of global corporate operations and competitiveness.  And the challenges that scaling-up businesses to efficiently meet the challenges and benefits global markets offer.