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SXTC: Emerging Markets

Bringing you world-leading Brand Strategy, Marketing and Brand Management for the emerging markets

of Eastern Europe and Poland.

Brand-wise, these are exciting times for Eastern European countries including Russia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic.


SXTC Global Brand Consulting is there to help transform nations such as Poland and Russia, their unique needs, and their brands into the next generation of power brands that will change the way they are perceived both nationally and globally. With a myriad of high potential brands backed by growing infrastructure and innovation bases, nations such as Poland, Russia and Hungary will gain tremendous benefit from SXTC's world-calibre brand strategy, brand management and brand consulting skill—Off and Online. And our worldwide contacts.


Our experience, skill, knowledge and contacts are truly global, yet local, to ensure that your brand will always stay in touch with its local market(s)—while remaining consistent with its core identity and unique brand visions, globally. With the impact that a powerful brand, brand strategy, and brand management have on a company's success, it stands to reason that Eastern European nations such as Poland, Russia, and Hungary must have the best brand strategy and brand consultants available—with expertise, experience, and a track record that encompass both On and Offline, and span hundreds of clients of every size and industry from consumer goods to technology to B2B to Nation Brands.  

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Brand Korea - Innovation by design

SXTC quoted with Jack Welch by the Government of South Korea on the value of brand to their nation and its future.

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SXTC quoted in best-selling book Nation Branding by Keith Dinnie—2008.


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The world is rapidly changing and the currency of a nation's success is its brands. Can you afford not to have the best on the planet building yours?

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