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The Brand Gateway to Asia:

"From the start we were there... Generating, Building, Managing and Evolving many of Asia's great brands. Imagine what we can do for yours."

Every country in Asia is unique including culture, history, language(s), infrastructure, methods of doing business, needs, and how brand is generated, managed and used within and outside of borders. Especially important is how a brand is understood, communicated, engaged with, and strategically managed—resulting in the difference between incredible success and devastating failure.


For over two decades, SXTC`s Asia practice has dominated the building, managing, and evolving of the region`s most powerful brands from consumer goods (Kao Cosmetics, Sing Tao beer) to technology (Singtel, Panasonic, TDK, Haier) to banking (Maybank, Affin Bank, Public Bank) to nation brands (Governments of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia).  In 2004, we won the right to advise and brand a number of China`s top 100 brands. Our influence and top-level contacts expand daily.  


SXTC also has worked with numerous Western brands from the USA, Europe, and the UK—helping them to enter, grow, and eventually dominate Asian markets. Just a few of these clients include Motorola, Carlsberg, Microsoft, Nestle, and Times Publishing.  


Our unique, intricate, and battle-proven knowledge of all of Asia from Singapore to Malaysia to Indonesia to China is unmatched, and our brand building and brand management skills world-leading. All of this synergizes to create skill-sets and capabilities that will allow your brand to enter and succeed in any part of Asia, anytime.

Opening, creating, and evolving Blue Oceans for brands in Asia and beyond.

Let SXTC open the gateway to success for your brand in Asia... and the World.


SXTC quoted with Jack Welch by the Government of South Korea on the value of brand to their nation and its future.

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