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We live in a dynamic world. Everyday, brands grow, evolve, get taken over, are bought and sold, or merge... the brandscape changes.  We at SXTC are asked by new brand owners, or those made in charge after a merger, to lead the effort to take their new asset on to bigger and better things. Whether you are a hedge fund, private investor, venture capitalists, angel investor, or a corporate purchaser, SXTC ensures that your investment brand and marketing-wise is protected and its value-add, brand equity, and brand value maximized.  


With up to 90% of a company's value being attributed to its brand, nothing can fundamentally add more value and return on investment than a properly built, managed, and evolved brand.  


SXTC regularly takes weak, underperforming, undifferentiated, and/or mis-positioned brands and in record time turns them into equity-building industry-leaders for their owners. Regardless of the industry or size of company, SXTC has a global reputation of taking brands to the next level and increased revenues.


Whether you are in China, New York, London, Bahrain or Dubai, or even in an emerging economy such as Poland, SXTC has the global and local capability to advise, build, and even help manage the single most important asset and source of competitive advantage you have: your Brand.  

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"SXTC's vast experience holds many of the pieces to your brand's success"

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"Many of our client brands have increased exponentially in revenues and brand equity. Some with sales increases of 500% within record time."

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SXTC can take your investment brand to the next level.

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